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Haunts on New Weird Australia

Haunts is a new project featuring Matt and Greg from Underlapper and renowned cellist Peter Hollo (Raven/Fourplay).

Ahead of their second ever live show the trio sat down with Stu Buchanan on FBi radio’s New Weird Australia program to chat about the project and record an exclusive live to air set. Both the interview and live set have been uploaded as part of the New Weird Australia podcast series which can be downloaded here

You can also catch some of the action from the Feral Media hosted gig at Sydney’s Dirty Shirlows in this wonderful video put together by the lovely folk at The Pyramid Scheme. The video features footage of all performers on the night including Making, Thomas William vs Scissor Lock and Simo Soo.



Underlapper curate The Silent Ballet podcast

Underlapper have curated the latest podcast in the Post-Rock Paper Scissors podcast series on US website The Silent Ballet. The podcast includes an interview with Greg Stone from the band as well as tracks/remixes chosen by him from artists including Skeletons, Extra Life, World’s End Girlfriend and Feral artists Gentleforce and Comatone.

Listen/download the podcast here

Underlapper Release New Album, Softly Harboured

Vinyl Edition (shown below) released 18th April 2011 – Now available to order (with instant digital download) at the Feral Media Bandcamp store

‘Softly Harboured’ is the third album from Sydney six-piece Underlapper, and is the follow-up to their acclaimed 2007 release ‘Red Spring’. A brilliant collision between the band‘s upfront, energetic live shows and the electronic experimentation of the studio, the album continues familiar themes established throughout their career, pushed into dramatic new territory.

‘Softly Harboured’ is – unsurprisingly – an eclectic affair, combining elements of post rock, experimental pop and downbeat electronica. Yet, despite these seemingly disparate elements, the album is a cohesive listen from start to finish and undoubtedly stands as their most accessible work to date.

The album also sees a renewed focus on vocal performance, with strong lead deliveries from band members Greg Stone and Morgan McKellar, artfully augmented with a diverse selection of guest vocalists – including Alexi Kaye and Sally Stevens (from the now defunct female a cappella group Kaya), and Dan Cunningham and Tim Jenkins, from Sydney group Parades. There is also a return performance from Morgan’s sister, Holly McKellar – who first appeared with the band on ‘Red Spring’ and who here provides the lush lead vocal on opening track ‘Kandos’. 

In addition, the band have enlisted the talents of renowned Sydney cellist Peter Hollo (Fourplay/Raven) who appears on a number of tracks and further expands the band’s already extensive musical palette.

With ‘Softly Harboured’, the band have chosen to eschew traditional distribution mechanisms and have instead enlisted the joint support of Feral Media (home to all Underlapper releases to date) and Canberra’s well-known HellosQuare Recordings. The labels will be working together to collaboratively release the album online – with CD version available from hellosquarerecordings.com and Vinyl + Digital from here at the Feral Media Bandcamp store.

The limited edition vinyl version of the album features five alternate sleeve designs created and assembled by some of Sydney’s most exciting artists, printed as black and white offset with a silver scratch-off overprint.

In support of the album, Underlapper will make their long awaited return to the stage with a launch in Sydney on April 21st 2011 as part of a New Weird Australia showcase at FBi Radio’s new venue – The FBi Social @ King’s Cross Hotel, supported by Cleptoclectics vs Scissor Lock, Edwin Montgomery and DJs Stupid Canon & Kimb Galercan.  More info at newweirdaustralia.com.

Underlapper will also look to launch the album in Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane, details of which will be available shortly.

New Underlapper single "Drinking Dust’ released – Free Download

Drinking Dust is the first single from Underlapper’s forthcoming album Softly Harboured – their first since 2007’s acclaimed long player Red Spring.

Drinking Dust is now available as a free download from the Underlapper bandcamp page and features both a second cut from the album as well as remixes from fellow Feral artist Cleptoclectics and Brisbane indie-electro outfit Re:Enactment.

Download the free single now & follow Feral Media on Facebook for more updates on the release of Softly Harboured.

Gentleforce & Underlapper collaborate on UnderForce Mixtape

Underlapper and Gentleforce have gotten together to create a mixtape in the lead up to Underlapper’s new album Softly Harboured due for release early 2011. Here is what Greg Stone from Underlapper had to say about the mix:

This mix is somewhat of a taster for the forthcoming Underlapper album Softly Harboured which is set for release in the coming months. The idea of making an eclectic mix has always interested me and in fact the first two tracks were actually the starting point many years ago. A couple of months ago I finally decided to pursue the idea further and began to compile more tracks which not only fit together but also represented some of the artists and genres that have either directly or indirectly influenced me recently. In addition to this the mix also features a couple of tracks from the new Underlapper album as well as our contribution to the recent Strain of Origin release by Feral Media and loFly records. Once the tracks were compiled I approached a very close friend of the band Eli Murray (aka Gentleforce) who has a penchant for mixing a wide range of styles in his DJ sets and has always been a great source of inspiration over the years. I consider this mix to be the next instalment in what will hopefully be many more collaborations between Underlapper and Gentleforce.

Listen or download the mix below and stay tuned for more news on the release of Underlapper’s new album!


  • Pulse All Over – Boom Bip / Motion Picture Soundtrack – Radiohead
  • Hlibt – 48/4
  • Sippy Cup – Shlohmo
  • Between Teeth – Underlapper
  • Introduction – Rothko / Rapping 4 Money – cLOUDDEAD
  • Let It Go (FlyLo remix) – Reefer
  • Rowboat – Fourcolor
  • Surprisingly Concerned With One Another – Octavius
  • Nordic Laurel – Baths
  • Sunlight, Heaven – Julianna Barwick
  • Elephant Shoe – Underlapper
  • When We Were Young – W-H-I-T-E
  • Breathing Rapture – Le Loup
  • Springboarder – Parades
  • Into The Light – Skyrider
  • Asia (oOoOO remix) – Salem
  • The Rattle (Underlapper remix) – aheadphonehome


Underlapper Remix Parades Ahead of New Album Release

It’s been three years since their 2007 Feral Media album ‘Red Spring’, but Sydney’s UNDERLAPPER have been far from quiet. Last year’s ‘Red Spring Remixes’ collection was released (featuring reversions from FAUX PAS, ANONYMEYE, BROKEN CHIP, GENTLEFORCE and more), as the band simultaneously worked on their third album, ‘Softly Harboured’, due for release later in 2010. As a precursor to the release, UNDERLAPPER have also completed a remix for fellow Sydneysiders PARADES, which you can stream in the player below.

‘Softly Harboured’ sees UNDERLAPPER again delving into new musical territories, capturing the sound of the band’s live performances. The influences are still varied, yet the songs are more cohesive and show a progression from their previous work. Vocals and live drumming play a more integral part in the music and the sound is further expanded with cello contributions by Peter Hollo, and vocal contributions by members of Parades, Kaya and a return performance by Holly McKellar.

Catch up with UNDERLAPPER on Feral Media:
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