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Underlapper curate The Silent Ballet podcast

Underlapper have curated the latest podcast in the Post-Rock Paper Scissors podcast series on US website The Silent Ballet. The podcast includes an interview with Greg Stone from the band as well as tracks/remixes chosen by him from artists including Skeletons, Extra Life, World’s End Girlfriend and Feral artists Gentleforce and Comatone.

Listen/download the podcast here

New music from Gentleforce – You Are Listening To Los Angeles

Feral Media artist Gentleforce (aka Eli Murray) has recently submitted some new music to the US based site You Are Listening To Los Angeles.
The site uses a radio feed from the Los Angeles Police Department and fuses it with ambient drones, noise and synth based music from various artists via the soundcloud platform. The result is an ever-evolving film score to what has been described as “the pulse of the city”.  The site has now been expanded to also include feeds from New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Montreal.

You can read an interview between Eli and site creator Eric Eberhardt on Eli’s blog

New Underlapper single "Drinking Dust’ released – Free Download

Drinking Dust is the first single from Underlapper’s forthcoming album Softly Harboured – their first since 2007’s acclaimed long player Red Spring.

Drinking Dust is now available as a free download from the Underlapper bandcamp page and features both a second cut from the album as well as remixes from fellow Feral artist Cleptoclectics and Brisbane indie-electro outfit Re:Enactment.

Download the free single now & follow Feral Media on Facebook for more updates on the release of Softly Harboured.