AFXJIM is the work of multi-instrumentalist Travis Baird, a member of Sydney-based sound junkies Founder and folk-rock terrorists The Woods Themselves. Musical influences include Mice Parade, David Pajo, Susumu Yakoto, Manitoba, Tortoise, Labradford and Fourtet. The result is a warmly inviting mix of folk, rock, ambient and electronica, underpinned by an instinctive post-rock ascendency.

Travis released Blackout Music as part of Feral’s POWWOW series in October 2009, followed by his sophomore album Distant in 2014. Once again Travis draws on elements of indie-rock, sample-based electronica, film score ambience and instrumental post rock, commenting “I tried my best to play and record a bunch of the instruments that take up space in my house and then asked a few talented friends to add their own parts with little instruction or intervention from me. Samples were sourced from op-shop vinyl, world music and film, radio evangelists and field recordings collected from kindergarten classrooms to Costa Rican karaoke bars.”

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