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Cyclic Defrost Reviews 'The Strain Of Origin'

Cyclic Defrost has reviewed our recent free collaborative compilation ‘The Strain Of Origin – Feral Media vs LoFly’, noting that the album “represents something genuinely new amongst the Australian electronic music community”.

Reviewer Chris Downton singles out some of his favourite cuts, commenting “If Vorad Fils’ reworking of Mr Maps’ ‘Til The Money Outruns Us’ leans towards the wonky LA hiphop styles of the Brainfeeder label with its gently glittering fusion of phased synth chords and spidery, off-centre beats, ii’s ‘Regular Giant Prawns Mix’ of Joel Edmondson’s ‘Giant’ sees things venturing out towards the dancefloor, anchoring itself around a throbbing minimal techno pulse and dry, rattling snare accents.”

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Vorad Fils Lands No.2 Spot in 'Who The Hell' Best of 2010 (So Far)

We’re only 50% of the way through the year, but that hasn’t stopped Australian blog ‘Who The Bloody Hell Are They?’ putting together their ‘Best Of 2010 (So Far)’ list. And we’re delighted to see Feral Media’s VORAD FILS grabbing the No.2 spot ahead of critically lauded albums by other Australia artists PVT (aka PIVOT) and PARADES. Here’s what they had to say:

“This is solo project of John Hassell from Seekae. I love Seekae, and a lot of the stuff I love about Seekae is retained here, yet Hassell feels joyously free from the icy aesthetic that defines his main band’s music. As a result, we get tracks like ‘Lioness,’ which are no less technically impressive but far warmer and inviting. It’s the most immediate thing on there, but not even the best. Delve deeper if you enjoy.”

Who The Hell – Best of 2010 (So Far)

Gentleforce Reviewed in Mess & Noise

Mess & Noise has reviewed the new release from Gentleforce, ‘Sacred Spaces’, describing it as “an accessible, lovingly packaged introduction to POWWOW, as well as a hypnotic showcase for Gentleforce“.   Doug Wallen notes that Gentleforce is “an immersive, repetition-minded experience that feels a lot like meditation” and that “[Eli] Murray quickly gets under our skin, finds unlikely homes for his gorgeous melodies, and manages to make us feel like we’re exploring right alongside him“.  Read the full review at – and buy this release in limited CD packaging with free digital download at our online store.

Gentleforce – 4 Star Review in Sydney Morning Herald

Feral Media’s GENTLEFORCE has scored a four star review in today’s Sydney Morning Herald, with the paper finding a novel way to describe his latest release, ‘Sacred Spaces’ – as “blankets of soft noise, like lullaby music for baby robots”. Read the full review below – and buy this release in limited CD packaging with free digital download at our online store.

New Gentleforce Mixtape – Free Download

Sydney’s Gentleforce follows his new Feral Media album release ‘POWWOWNine – Sacred Spaces‘ with a new mixtape for the Australian blog, ‘A Shaving Of The Horn That Speared You‘.  The ‘Walking Into Sunset‘ mix blends new Gentleforce productions with music from an eclectic range of producers that inspired and influenced the album, such as Oneohtrix Point Never, Grouper, Aphex Twin, Burial, Boris, Oren Ambarchi, Chris Clark and more. Download now at

The Gentleforce album continues to pull in positive reviews, including a deep and intuitive reading from Kid Shirt on his blog, ‘I Am Not The Real Kid Shirt‘ – describing the opener ‘Learning To Forgive’ as “quietly, unimposingly fucking gorgeous”.  He notes: “You know how some pieces of music just seem so…honest – how you can just sense the love that’s been poured into them – that the person behind the music really cares about what they’re doing and you can feel that vibe rising up off the music? Well, I think that maybe that’s how Eli pulls it off.” Read the full review at