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Mess+Noise premieres new Spartak track


The fine folk at Mess+Noise have premiered a track from Spartak’s forthcoming EP Five Points, due out on Feral Media early April.

On Conditions – the opening track from the EP – sees the band moving away from the live improvisations of their previous album Nippon, capturing the essence of their unique forward thinking minimal electronics. Mess+Noise called it “a close mingling of experimental rigour and pop warmth…it packs emotional resonance in its soft singing and poignant lyrics”.

Check out the article on Mess+Noise here and listen to the track via the player below.

Stay tuned for full release details of Five Points soon.

Gentleforce Reviewed in Mess & Noise

Mess & Noise has reviewed the new release from Gentleforce, ‘Sacred Spaces’, describing it as “an accessible, lovingly packaged introduction to POWWOW, as well as a hypnotic showcase for Gentleforce“.   Doug Wallen notes that Gentleforce is “an immersive, repetition-minded experience that feels a lot like meditation” and that “[Eli] Murray quickly gets under our skin, finds unlikely homes for his gorgeous melodies, and manages to make us feel like we’re exploring right alongside him“.  Read the full review at messandnoise.com – and buy this release in limited CD packaging with free digital download at our online store.