Scissors for Sparrow

Scissors for Sparrow is the clumsy and eclectic scheme of a handful of Melbourne (and sometimes Sydney) kids, who find boredom and surprise spread equally through modern music. The response: a refusal to blindly bow to the conventions and cliches of Western pop music, coupled with a healthy disinterest in the senseless stroking of one’s chin.

Through the strong belief that ideas are everywhere to be explored, and that music is exciting, Scissors for Sparrow songs are both playful and thoughtful; the product of distracted, reflective and erratic imaginings.

Propelled by a desire to merge experimental and pop traditions, Scissors for Sparrow is enlivened by (many) guitars, drums, bass, sampler, Japanese lever harp, synthesisers, electric piano, percussion and real-time mix effects. Their numbers and nature vary according to the way of the tides, with many based interstate. Staple members are Jon Tjhia (also of ii), Mark Gomes (Barrage), Alex Nosek (ii), Prue Rees-Lee and Nadia Combe (Majorca Building). Additional members have included Jacinta Plucinski, Danny Jumpertz (Alpen / Clairaudience / Plankton / Comatone), Tania Smith, Mel Ratliff (Sparrow Hill), Dale Harrison (The Herd), Jamie Mildren (Architecture in Helsinki), and Sonia Tsai (Sparrow Hill). Daniel McCluskey, a founding member of the group, passed away in January 2006, and the band ceased activity until a November show in Dan’s honour provided an opportunity to regroup and start anew.

The band released the Oh… Hello! EP in 2005 (which was produced in limited quantity for the Sydney tour of that year). The group’s songs have also appeared on compilations such as Southern Winter / Northern Summer, Plastic Cotton Tree, Feral Media vs Mess+Noise, and Emergent.

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