New video and single from Funeral Tango ahead of the Influencer album on February 12

Now available on Spotify, Apple, Youtube, Bandcamp and others.
Funeral Tango are releasing a final single — the darkly mesmerising Pierina — ahead of the Influencer album release on February 12.

Pierina evokes Three Imaginary Boys-era The Cure and Joy Division. Pre-order the limited vinyl edition of Influencer here. Pierina’s video was made by Brad Stafford, the band’s drummer and album artwork designer and artist. Watch it here.

Funeral Tango lyricist Tim Rollston explains.
“Pierina is a story about birth, growth and relationships. It is one of our most epic and emotional songs.
The lyrics describe two characters, in different times but somehow connected. The first is a person wandering through life and making decisions about which paths to go down. The second is a young mother to be, with no idea where her life is to take her.
While partly autobiographical, (descriptions of the scenery from Waterford, Ireland) the song also takes on the forms of dreams, hazy memories and stories that have been passed down through generations.
The final sequence of the song (with the tree’s when they sleep…) came about when I read an article about how trees sleep at night and communicate underground. It signifies the mothers decision to leave her offspring to grow in the natural world, where unexpected things may happen, but can ultimately be trusted.”

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