FM29 | VARIOUS Mess + Noise Vs Feral Media

 ii, Tunng, Because Of Ghosts, Clairaudience, restream, Ill Bravados, Underlapper, Amanda Handel & G.L. Seiler, Alpen, The Emergency, Barrage, Comatone, Scissors For Sparrow, Faux Pas, Mieli, The Artifishal Limb, TextileAudio, Seaworthy
RELEASED: September 2006

This release was included in the September 2006 edition of now (sadly) defunct magazine Mess + Noise. Feral Media was an advertiser with Mess + Noise from very early on. Mess + Noise lives on as a website.


1. oho – ii 3:24
2. Out The Window With The Window  – Tunng 3:20
3. No Stars In Tokyo – Because Of Ghosts 6:07
4. Camber – Clairaudience 3:39
5. christiantelevision – restream 3:05
6. Kirakira – Ill Bravados 4:09
7. Little Tapioca – Underlapper 4:03
8. ¡Guapo! – Amanda Handel & G.L. Seiler 4:02
9. Letting Go And Moving To The Light – Alpen 3:35
10. The Highway – The Emergency 2:47
11. Bygones (M+N edit) – Barrage 3:09
12. Untitled 7 (M+N edit) – Comatone 6:20
13. Castro (edit) – Scissors For Sparrow 2:27
14. Tema de Cristina – Faux Pas 4:54
15. Jill Left Alone – Mieli 5:19
16. Lose The Plot – The Artifishal Limb 3:23
17. Of Hymn – TextileAudio 3:46
18. Lost Highway (live) – Seaworthy 6:58


Other performer credits:
1 oho – ii (3:24) Unreleased Plinks, blips, hums, warbles, meeps, throbs, bangs, clunks and shuffles. improvised and otherwise, from opposing sides of merri creek. Written by ii 2006

2 Out The Window With The Window – Tunng (3:20) From Mother’s Daughter and Other Songs (FM21) Written by Genders/Lindsay 2004 “Strange imagery of genetic codes and radio signals binds with the traditional sounds to create futuristic folk music.” Daily Telegraph (UK).

3 No Stars In Tokyo – Because Of Ghosts (6:07) From The Tomorrow We Were Promised Yesterday (FM27) out October 2, 2006. The album is a culmination of many months of both precise and raw production. The band utilised the stifling humidity of a North Melbourne warehouse, the natural reverb of a Johnston Street garage, the ambiance of Soundparks parquetry, field recordings from Japan, and the warmth of friends, family and two-inch tape. Written by Because Of Ghosts 2006

4 Camber – Clairaudience (3:39) Unreleased Written by Clairaudience 2006 In 2007 on Feral Media.

5 christiantelevision – restream (3:05) From loopsforstereogram thru Lofly Recordings Written by Andrew James White 2005 loopsforstereogram is a lush and sentimental record not really of any era, with quiet bleepy bedroom guitar strums opening up into vast saturated spaces.

6 Kirakira – Ill Bravados (4:09) Unreleased Written by Chris Hung 2006 Ill Bravados use outdated software, four-track recorders & noisy tapes to make pop ditties that don’t rock & roll as much as they lurch & lumber.

7 Little Tapioca – Underlapper (4:03) Unreleased Written by Underlapper 2006 “I think the best way to describe the music we are currently making is ‘Post Op. Rock’”.

8 ¡Guapo! – Amanda Handel + GL Seiler (4:02) From Ghosts & Angels (FM25) Ghosts and Angels is a breathtaking first-time musical collaboration between a classical composer and a highly-regarded electronic artist. Written by Amanda Handel & GL Seiler 2006

9 Letting Go And Moving To The Light (M+N edit) – Alpen
(3:35) Unreleased Alpen’s debut album Overdub was released last year on Feral Media. “From starry-eyed pop to bent beats and sublime atmospheres.” 2SER Written by Daniel Jumpertz 2006

10 The Highway – The Emergency (2:47) Unreleased The Emergency’s debut album The Spectrum Deadly was released last year on Feral Media Written by The Emergency 2006

11 Bygones (demo) – Barrage (3:08) Unreleased Barrage’s song set is equal parts gas and fatal murmurs; provocative and doubtful at the same time. Cloying and gushing or distantly blunted, but always sacrificial with a sabotaging streak. Written by Mark Gomes 2006

12 Untitled 7 (M+N edit) – Comatone (6:20) Unreleased Greg Seiler created Comatone in 1999. Comatone has released two albums on Feral Media, 2003’s One Into One Out and 2005’s E-50. His latest project is the album Ghosts & Angels (see track 8), a collaboration with Amanda Handel. Written by Greg Seiler 2006

13 Castro (edit) – Scissors For Sparrow (2:27) Unreleased Through the strong belief that ideas are everywhere to be explored, and that music is exciting, Scissors for Sparrow songs are both playful and thoughtful; the product of distracted, reflective and erratic imaginings. Written by Jon Tjhia 2006

14 Tema de Cristina – Faux Pas (4:53) From Entropy Begins At Home Just one guy making kooky sample-tronica from Melbourne. Written by Tim Shiel 2006

15 Jill Left Alone – Mieli (5:19) Unreleased Written by Ryan Gobbe 2006 “You have to set your own limits and kind of restrict your interests just to get things done – it’s easy to get caught within the millions of details”. Mieli’s debut album Version, described by as “shimmering minimal electronics with a deep dub pulse” was released last year on Feral Media.

16 Lose The Plot- The Artifishal Limb (3:23) Unreleased Written by Marc Eiden 2006

17 Of Hymn – TextileAudio (3:45) Unreleased Written by Eve Klein 2006 Between ambient electronica and classical music lies TextileAudio. Working with scores, field recordings, and operatic-pop composite vocals to weave rich melodic soundscapes and textures this music is unashamedly romantic.

18 Lost Highway (live) – Seaworthy (6:58) Unreleased Written by Seaworthy 2006 Seaworthy formed in 2000 to explore melodic and experimental approaches to the construction (and unravelling) of minimalist sound scapes from looped guitar, warm drones, piano, electronics and field recordings.

Album artwork: Danny Bos (Mess + Noise)

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