Free Download – Feral Media vs LoFly – 16 Track Remix Album

The latest release from FERAL MEDIA is ‘The Strain Of Origin’ – a unique and exclusive collaboration between FERAL MEDIA and Brisbane’s LOFLY label.

The 16-track remix album is the musical equivalent of an interstate swinger’s party, gathering a bunch of artists from each label’s roster and having them remix a track by an artist from the other label. The line-up includes Feral Media artists VORAD FILS, II, CLEPTOCLECTICS, UNDERLAPPER, AFXJIM, COMATONE, BROKEN CHIP and ALPEN taking on lofly artists MR MAPS, JOEL EDMONDSON, TOY BALLOON, AHEADPHONEHOME, RESTREAM, RE:ENACTMENT and SUBSEA.

The initial two week deadline meant the remixes were raw and spontaneous. The result is an eclectic mix of musical styles that showcases burgeoning artists from the Australian underground music scene. Curated by Danny Jumpertz, Greg Stone and Andrew White, mastered by G L Seiler (COMATONE) and with artwork by Stuart Buchanan, ‘The Strain of Origin’ album is a celebration of the depth and originality of Australian music, and is being made available by the labels as a FREE download.

Download now from

ABOUT FERAL MEDIA: Formed by Danny Jumpertz in 2000, Feral Media is an artist-run record label based in Sydney. Feral Media pride themselves on releasing interesting, new Australian music in beautiful and often limited edition packages. Now into their 10th year and with 60 releases under their belt, Feral Media continues to play a pivotal role in the growing experimental music scene in Australia.

ABOUT LOFLY: lofly Recordings is a Brisbane record label with a roster of eight bands, specialising in esoteric and progressive indie and electronic music. For the last three years, lofly has spent their days curating one of Australias premier DIY warehouse nights “hangar”, as well as sporadically releasing records the significance or otherwise of which they barely understand. The five honchos through band membership, remixing, production and promotion have formed an integral part of the promising Brisbane band and DIY club tornado currently brewing.

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