FM80 | AFXJIM Distant

RELEASED: September 2014


AFXJIM distant cover


1. For Jack Darling (Before You Were Born)
2. Requiem for the Broken Discoverer
3. Huyano
4. Distant
5. Joint Account
6. Time to Turn Over the Rekurd
7. Class of 96
8. Song for Rejoicing
9. Autumn Diary
10. JW
11. Jealous Type


AFXJIM (aka Travis Baird) returns with new album Distant, the long-awaited follow up to his brilliant debut album Blackout Music.
In between guitar duties for Melodie Nelson, Sounds Like Sunset and Founder, Travis has been slowly chipping away at the album, writing and recording most of the material in his Sydney home.
Originally conceived as two separate albums split between the more song oriented, guitar and vocal tracks, and the sample-based electronic pieces, Travis decided to create a single album merging compositions, using a similar musical palette and toying with new production ideas.

The result is a surprisingly cohesive blend of indie-rock, sample-based electronica and film score ambience. At times sounding like early Tortoise reimagined by a bedroom producer and at other times recalling the sample-heavy excursions of 90’s-era Ninja Tune, all of which is channelled through a distinctly indie lens.

As Travis notes “I tried my best to play and record a bunch of the instruments that take up space in my house and then asked a few talented friends to add their own parts with little instruction or intervention from me. Samples were sourced from op-shop vinyl, world music and film, radio evangelists and field recordings collected from kindergarten classrooms to Costa Rican karaoke bars.”

Distant is a welcome return for AFXJIM and Feral Media are proud to be able to present new work from this talented artist.


Written, sung, played & programmed by Travis Baird
Cello/Strings on tracks 1,4 & 10 by Robin Dixon
Bass and vocals on track 4 by Patrick Matthews
Recorded & mixed by Travis Baird except tracks 6,9 & 11 mixed by Travis Baird and Tony Dupe
Mastered by Martyn Palmer
Artwork by Yvette Dulfer-Hyams


“….gathering together the diverse strands of his craft with a stylish ease that is often impressive to behold. (Distant) is a pleasure to listen to”
– 4ZZZ

“The songs on here are sharp and expertly produced….AFXJIM’s ability to combine samples and music into something strange but bright is really quite excellent”
– Soundly Sounds

“His music is a lush wide eyed amalgamation of electronics, beats, guitar, and off kilter samples….Playful and endlessly interesting, his sounds are impossible to pin down, marrying low fi bedroom experimentation with bright DIY electrics”
– Cyclic Defrost

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