FM78 | VARIOUS Autumn EP

Autumn EP
RELEASED: May 2014




1. Angel Eyes – Smitten
2. Lower Spectrum – Fall
3. Golden Blonde – Hollow House Will Never Fill Itself
4. Comatone – Moving Along Away From It


Feral Media is proud to present the Autumn EP, the fourth and final instalment in our acclaimed Seasons EP series.
Once again the artists take inspiration from the nominated season, which can vary from a literal approach to more abstract and tenuous links.

The EP opens with Angel Eyes aka producer Andrew Cowie who mines the rich nostalgia of 80’s synth music through the warped lens of a VHS player. Smitten sees Cowie continue with the sonic imagery of his 2013 LP Final Fare, sounding like the late night soundtrack of an insomniac traveller on an endless highway.

Lower Spectrum follows with Fall, a piece inspired by the shifting of balance between night and day and the duality of light and dark as Autumn draws to a close and Winter looms. The bouncing groove, processed acoustic samples and catchy 808 rhythms recall Pause-era Four Tet reimagined for the cuurent day.
Lower Spectrum has a knack for catchy hooks and motifs that are certainly in abundance here, proving once again that music production can contain the grand complexity of a film score and still be suitable for the dance floor.

Following on from the success of their debut album Gwen, Sydney four-piece Golden Blonde relish in their now distinctive musical palette, combining striking drum patterns and lush male/female harmonies flanked by a warm descending organ line that erupts into cacophonous noodling in the track’s final moments.

Feral Media stalwart Comatone closes proceedings with Moving Along Away From It, which opens with cut up guitar harmonics quickly followed by swelling acid synth and a driving 4/4 beat. This may come as a surprise to people who know Comatone for his pummelling breakcore and drum & bass but is certainly reminiscent of the self-described ‘valium-hop’ of his 2007 split 12″ Albert and Leonard Put Things in Holes.

The Autumn EP is a fitting end to the Seasons series, encapsulating the diversity and originality heard across all 4 EPs and providing closure on what has been an outstanding accomplishment for the label and the artists involved.

All tracks written and produced by the respective artists
Cover artwork by Toben
Mastered by G L Seiler


“Escape the mundane chaos of reality and enter the ludicrously pleasant disarray of ambient with Sydney based record label Feral Media’s fourth and final installment of the Seasons series”
– Happy

“LISTEN TO THIS MUSIC! IT WILL MAKE YOU WEEP! The stuff here is insanely fucked up and strange and weird and synthetic and prosthetic and radiating and dangerous and holy shit….Do yourself a favour, and cop this free download, before the apocalypse occurs and you never have the chance to experience this wonder”
– Soundly Sounds

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