Greg Seiler (Comatone) has been exploring his unique sonic realm since 1994. Originally a classically trained guitarist Greg says “got bored with a guitar always sounding like a guitar”. Putting down the guitar his newly adopted tools of trade were drum machines, four-track tape recorders and FX units. But it was when he got his hands on a 8 bit MOD tracker for an ancient PC and began to learn hexidecimal note entry, that Greg’s compositional world exploded.

In 1998 he met fellow experimental music fan Danny Jumpertz and collaborated on some music projects. Danny is still a member of Comatone’s live incarnation. As Danny was just kick-starting Feral Media in 2002 it made sense to release Comatone’s debut album One Into One Out through that outlet. His second album E-50 followed soon after, and lead-off track ‘An Absorbing Colour’ was picked up as the key track in TDK’s “Evolve” TV & Cinema campaign.

Since then, time has flown, and Seiler’s reputation as one of Australia’s most prodigious cutting-edge production talents has steadily been growing. In six years Seiler has released four full length albums, two 12″ vinyl releases and numerous remixes (Underlapper, Gauche, Fourplay) and collaborative releases (Amanda Handel, Foley, Alpen & Chrystal Lynch, Sleuthound) . His releases have also appeared on UK imprints Proboscus Records and netlabel Wrong Lab. His 2006 collaboration with classical composer Amanda Handel (as GL Seiler) was acclaimed by Silent Ballet blog as “hauntingly beautiful, creative, cohesive, and compositionally advanced, yet experimental at the same time — a rare musical treat” And 2009 has seen the seventh release of Comatone product – Seasonal Fractures 12″ (transparent vinyls). Over to Kid606: “‘Fracture Acid’ is awesome, there’s a wicked industrial soul underneath all the complex programming. The other standout track, The Ebola remix of ‘An Absorbing Colour’ is a sick, spacious dubstep stomper”.

Since his debut album in 2003 Greg has been sitting in his room, immersing himself in the never-ending and overwhelmingly accelerating new softwares and techniques to execute the hyper detailed electronic music he enjoy so much. His work is our pleasure.

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