FM07 | VARIOUS The SBS Whatever Sessions Volume 2

RELEASED: November 2003



CD1 / Staying In
1. The Hall Of Annexed Records / Ill Bravados
2. The Ploughman / Sparrow Hill
3. Marceline / Barrage
4. Little / Underlapper
5. Escape / Epiphany
6. I Am Complaining / The Tigers
7. Mansold / Wagons
8. Niccone / Minimum Chips
9. Scared / The Rich
10. Why? / Cleva Fam
11. He’s Fine / Underlapper
12. Daylight Hours / Luzon
13. No Is No Answer / Sparrow Hill
14. Little Paper Body / ii
15. Colour & Distance / Fo_Tran
16. Flubbertisement / Sonique Colonique

CD2 / Going Out
17. El Greco / The Rich
18. Train Song / The Tigers
19. I Concede / Ill Bravados
20. Ego-Maniax / Artifishal Limb
21. We Ride / Culture Connect
22. Serious / Cinco Locos
23. Do I Know You? / Velure
24. Cankers In Skillet / Barrage
25. Heartbreak Hello / The Emergency
26. Paper Chasin’ / Cleva Fam
27. All About / Artifishal Limb
28. Puk U / Cinco Locos
29. Stand And Deliver / Razel
30. Longer Than Most / Crank
31. Butter     / The Night Terrors
32. A Short History / The Emergency
33. Dark Surf / The Gamma Rays
34. I Lost My Head (Whatever Mix) / The Intercontinental Playboys
35. City Of Time / Blue Jay Morning
36. Remember Only This / Pete And Fiete
37. Jail (It’s Hell) / Wagons



Recorded in-house at the SBS multitrack studios in Melbourne and Sydney between 2001 and 2004.
Music produced by: Danny Jumpertz of  Feral Media
Recorded and mixed by: Dave Ashton, Rob Monson, George Papakotsias, Achilles Yangoullis, Terry Doolan, Guy Gian and Greg Muller.
Additional mixing: Greg. L. Seiler.
Mastered by Greg. L. Seiler at Blue Mountain Sound.
SBS Whatever Music Project: Executive Producer Suzie Hoban, Production Assistant Jacinta Plucinski
Feral Media: Danny Jumpertz and Caroline Chisholm

Other liner notes: In 2001, SBS began seeking fresh, emerging musical talent from across Australia. From hundreds of demo tapes and homemade CDs, the Whatever Music team selected 22 artists and bands, took them into the SBS studios, and turned their compositions into radio-ready realities for the SBS website and the SBS Whatever Sessions CD (2003). In 2003/2004, the project entered a second phase, with 10 more bands recording in Sydney and Melbourne. As Whatever continues to evolve, four solo albums will be released as part of the SBS Whatever Music project in 2005. Here we’ve collected some of the best Whatever music to date, to celebrate the creative strength and cultural diversity of original Australian music across all genres. It’s exciting, energetic and it belongs to all of us. Enjoy. Danny Jumpertz, SBS Whatever Music producer and the Whatever Music team.

THANKS TO: Will Berryman, Paul Vincent, John Derry, Andrew Brownrigg, Wayne Dziedziczak, Mike Zafiropoulos and Emma Harcourt at SBS. David Tiley and Amelia King at Film Victoria. The Australia Council.

Album artwork: Art direction, CD package design Cheryl Carulli


“Recorded in the SBS studios as part of the Whatever Sessions, this collection of independent music unearths the kind of gems you find only by stepping outside the mainstream. “The collection is on two discs – one for chilling out at home, the other for getting the blood pumping before a big night out – and is a great way to broaden your musical horizons. “Making up just some of the two and a half hours of music on this double release are all-out rock tracks (razel) traditional country (Wagons), organic hip hop (Culture Connect) and synth pop (The Emergency). “This is an inspiring collection that shows what Australia has to offer.” Danielle O’Donohue, Dec 2004, Herald Sun HIT section and Daily Telegraph newspapers

“Annoyingly there’s preconceptions amateur means lower quality. Now if you’re a cognisor of garage rock, or punk, or dub or just music you will know this is wrong. This compilation further drives home the principle that bands who aren’t represented professionally are just as good as those who are, sometimes better. “Just check this best of The SBS Whatever series to understand.” Opulent 04, Dec 2004

“A terrible name, with its dad-trying-to-be-a-groovy teenager vibe, but SBS’s equivalent of Triple J’s hugely influential Unearthed competition is more consistent in quality than Aunty’s efforts have been over the years. “After combing the country for fresh talent, SBS selected 23 Aussie artists and bands and professionally produced their demo recordings. “This dense, long taster offers a generous sample of all the artists involved.” Kelsey Munro, Rolling Stone Magazine, January 2005

“Remember those “Battle of the Bands” at your local town hall, every third Friday of the month? That constant sound droning out of the speakers was so new, fresh and relatively unheard of? The SBS Whatever Sessions are like that, except let’s face it: it’s better. “What makes the SBS Whatever Sessions stand up to other compilation albums is its distinction between the two Cds: disk one, “Roots Rock Fusion” and disk two “Electronica Indie Hip Hop”, provide just about any listener with at least something. The raw sound combined with a diverse selection makes it the perfect all-rounder.” “Compilation albums generally lack something; the light spread artists leave some of us asking for more. The SBS Whatever Sessions obviously rush from genre and artist quickly, but it is that mix that allows the listener to sample and support emerging Australian musicians, with absolute ease. Not to say that the raw pure simplicity of it is for everyone. At the end of the day this album is about music. The dirty little underground of the Australian music scene, and whether or not you’re involved in it, all of us want to be involved in something new.”
Catherine Hogan, Inpress magazine, 19/3/2003 (excerpted)

“Australian government television is far too underrated for their contributions to the underground arts scene, be it music or other. If it weren’t for a competition Silverchair won on SBS, would we be hearing from them today?” “All in all, here is a collection of twenty two tracks that have been compiled by Australia’s diverse and cultural musicians to show the world what everyone is capable of. “SBS, you’ve done it again!” Tim Cashmere, CD Reviews, (excerpted)


SBS Broadcasting

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