Found: Quantity Of Sheep

The music of found:quantity of sheep is unique and eclectic. Spanning a variety of genres and styles, their music is a product of both traditional instrumentation and electronic manipulation.
found:quantity of sheep is not an ordinary band. It is not even a band. They do not play gigs, nor do they ever play together. They are a collective of 20 musicians, piloted by producer Neil Rabinowitz and guitarists Trent Barrett and Michael Winlo.
Formed in mid-2001, found:quantity of sheep released their debut, self-titled LP in April 2003. Though quietly released, the cd was very well received for its “crackling creativity” in local independent music press.
Their follow-up entitled Monkey + Valve was conceived by Rabinowitz, Barrett and Winlo in mid-2003. It was created using experimental production methods, built using layers of improvisations of collaborating musicians including Cameron Barrett (drums), Ben Franz (double bass), Tristen Parr (cello), Lizzie Kennedy and Kathy Potter (viola), Simon Carter (violin), James McNamara (piano), Aleksia Barron (euphonium), Tilman Robinson (trombone), Joel Adams (trumpet) and Ben Shannahan (alto sax).

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