FM24 | MONKEY + VALVE Found:Quantity Of Sheep

ARTIST: found:quantity of sheep
TITLE: Monkey + Valve
FORMAT: CD + DVD / Digital
RELEASED: July 2005



1. Untitled 0.07
2. Ex Vacuo 4:46
3. Lapsang 7:12
4. The Organ Grinder’s Monkey 2:12
5. Lapsang and Beyond the Infinite 0:51
6. Boo-Blay See, Boo-Blay Do 0:34
7. Every Movie You’ve Ever Seen 4:59
8. Iflm (A Remix) 3:49
9. Lost White Poodle (Lapsang Souchong) 1:27
10. In A Whisper (Science Fiction Battles in Your Head) 4:55


Band Members:
Trent Barrett (Guitar, effects, vocals)
Neil Rabinowitz (Bass, effects, keys)
Michael Winlo (Guitar)
Cam Barrett (Drums, percussion)

This album was released both in audio CD format with an additional DVD. The DVD boasted a video for each track on the album, each directed by local film makers. The album was produced by Neil Rabinowitz and mastered by James Hewgill. The DVD was designed and authored by Noah Norton and Wendi Graham of Radarmaker fame as well as band member Trent Barrett. The album was funded by the Government of Western Australia arts fund.

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