Cleptoclectics channels sonic detritus, plays various instruments, and extrapolates via granular synthesis to create dense, idiosyncratic music. Warm textures, a distinctive tonal range, and staggered rhythms develop into a subtle form of reverie.

Cleptoclectics is Tom Smith – he has released music on assorted labels and compilations, remixed various artists, teaches at Sydney’s College of Fine Arts, and has performed alongside Mark Pritchard, Peter Hollo, Underlapper, Kusum Normoyle, Naked on the Vague, Creeks, Nhomea, Flying Lotus, Spartak, AOI, Anonymeye, The Dead Sea, Mike Burnham, Snawklor, Touch Typist, ii, and Francis Plagne amongst others.

Tom released Poignancy Beats Volume 2 as part of Feral’s POWWOW series in October 2007 and has since released Open Tuned Occidentals on the hellosQuare label as well as co-founding the much revered Oneofour Beat Collective.

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