If Thurston Moore, Chrissie Hynde, Moe Tucker and Marnie Stern formed a supergroup which played DIY spots in Bushwick it might sound something like Clairaudience.

Based in Brooklyn but hailing from Australia, Europe and exotic Rhode Island, this indie four-piece (Caroline Jumpertz, Danny Jumpertz, Franzi Szymkowiak and Heidi Patalano), has been recording and gigging in NYC for three years in the lead up to their full-length self-titled album.

Clairaudience formed in Sydney in 2006. Caroline and Danny emigrated to the USA in 2010, kickstarting the current lineup with Heidi and Franzi.

The band shares a love of raw psych rock, new wave, post punk and the melodic punch of The Pixies. This debut was recorded with Abe Seiferth (Yeasayer, Eleanor Friedberger) between 2014 and 2016 at Transmitter Park Studios in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

The hook-laden results recall Jonathan Richman’s Modern Lovers, Pavement and classic Oz/NZ underground sounds such as The Church and The Chills.


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