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Vorad Fils Drops 'Aston Dilla' as Peon

Seekae’s John Hassell released his debut solo album on Feral Media last year – ‘The Warmest Static’, released under the VORAD FILS name. This month sees the release of another solo album, dropped under an entirely different alias – PEON. Hassell has been recording and collaborating as PEON as part of Sydney’s ONEOFOUR COLLECTIVE – a group of local producers who come together regularly to share ideas, perform and release a series of exquisite mixtapes (download for free at

PEON’s ‘Aston Dilla’ is a collection of 16 tracks that pushes Hassell’s sound in a clear trajectory towards a land inhabited by screwed hip hop vocals, crooked beats and sumptuous electronica. And both fans and haters of Beyonce and Christina Aguilera are sure to find common ground in PEON’s covers of ‘Say My Name’ and ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’.

And perhaps best of all, ‘Aston Dilla’ is available as a free download.

Gentleforce & Underlapper collaborate on UnderForce Mixtape

Underlapper and Gentleforce have gotten together to create a mixtape in the lead up to Underlapper’s new album Softly Harboured due for release early 2011. Here is what Greg Stone from Underlapper had to say about the mix:

This mix is somewhat of a taster for the forthcoming Underlapper album Softly Harboured which is set for release in the coming months. The idea of making an eclectic mix has always interested me and in fact the first two tracks were actually the starting point many years ago. A couple of months ago I finally decided to pursue the idea further and began to compile more tracks which not only fit together but also represented some of the artists and genres that have either directly or indirectly influenced me recently. In addition to this the mix also features a couple of tracks from the new Underlapper album as well as our contribution to the recent Strain of Origin release by Feral Media and loFly records. Once the tracks were compiled I approached a very close friend of the band Eli Murray (aka Gentleforce) who has a penchant for mixing a wide range of styles in his DJ sets and has always been a great source of inspiration over the years. I consider this mix to be the next instalment in what will hopefully be many more collaborations between Underlapper and Gentleforce.

Listen or download the mix below and stay tuned for more news on the release of Underlapper’s new album!


  • Pulse All Over – Boom Bip / Motion Picture Soundtrack – Radiohead
  • Hlibt – 48/4
  • Sippy Cup – Shlohmo
  • Between Teeth – Underlapper
  • Introduction – Rothko / Rapping 4 Money – cLOUDDEAD
  • Let It Go (FlyLo remix) – Reefer
  • Rowboat – Fourcolor
  • Surprisingly Concerned With One Another – Octavius
  • Nordic Laurel – Baths
  • Sunlight, Heaven – Julianna Barwick
  • Elephant Shoe – Underlapper
  • When We Were Young – W-H-I-T-E
  • Breathing Rapture – Le Loup
  • Springboarder – Parades
  • Into The Light – Skyrider
  • Asia (oOoOO remix) – Salem
  • The Rattle (Underlapper remix) – aheadphonehome