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Vorad Fils Drops 'Aston Dilla' as Peon

Seekae’s John Hassell released his debut solo album on Feral Media last year – ‘The Warmest Static’, released under the VORAD FILS name. This month sees the release of another solo album, dropped under an entirely different alias – PEON. Hassell has been recording and collaborating as PEON as part of Sydney’s ONEOFOUR COLLECTIVE – a group of local producers who come together regularly to share ideas, perform and release a series of exquisite mixtapes (download for free at oneofour.net).

PEON’s ‘Aston Dilla’ is a collection of 16 tracks that pushes Hassell’s sound in a clear trajectory towards a land inhabited by screwed hip hop vocals, crooked beats and sumptuous electronica. And both fans and haters of Beyonce and Christina Aguilera are sure to find common ground in PEON’s covers of ‘Say My Name’ and ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’.

And perhaps best of all, ‘Aston Dilla’ is available as a free download.

Vorad Fils 'POWWOW Ten – The Warmest Static' Out Now

Vorad Fils gives Sydney producer John Hassell (Seekae) the chance to explore the boundaries of sound and melody, and cross-pollinate rhythmic sensibility with the freedom of ambience. The eclectic mix of influences includes early 90s video games, 18th century gothic novels, as well as the music of Spinform, Chris Clark and Glenn Gould.

“I have been producing electronic music for more than four years now and I feel this project shows tremendous growth since I began, with still so much room to grow,’’ Hassell says. “I’ve been fascinated with the limitless potential of compositional software and its ability to alter sound so dramatically, often to the point where it is indistinguishable from its original form.” John Hassell – Vorad Fils

“One of the main concerns I had with this project was that I would hold back on ideas I felt were too risky. Luckily, I was able to express myself without restricting songs to a certain length or structure, and I take confidence in saying it is my most honest work to date.”

The Warmest Static is Hassell’s debut album as Vorad Fils and a fitting final instalment in Feral Media’s POWWOW new music series.

BUY THIS RELEASE & THE REST OF THE POWWOW SERIES IN OUR ONLINE SHOP – Full CD comes in a high quality no-plastic Feral Media recycled package, with screen-printed cover artwork designed by Katja Hartung of The Sopp Collective. Hand-stitched labels are sewn in the package’s spine. CD purchase also includes immediate download of album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC or other formats.


[audio:https://newferalmediasite.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/01-before-you-said-1.mp3|titles=01 Before You Said 1]

VORAD FILS is John Hassel – he also plays with Sydney band SEEKAE. We’re welcoming John into the Feral Media family with a fabulous new release – the very last – in our POWWOW new music series. Look out for VORAD FILS ‘The Warmest Static (POWWOW Ten)’ album in April 2010. This track is a little sneak preview.