FM79 | SETEC Brittle As Bones

RELEASED: August 2014


brittle as bones cover


1. Haunted
2. Water or Concrete
3. Woodsighs
4. Tiny Seed, A Leaf, A Tree
5. Brittle as Bones
6. Lumen Lake
7. Glassworks
8. Cannonball
9. Boy Boy Boy


Equally influenced by the complex pop melodies of Joni Mitchell and the cut-n-paste aesthetic of Cornelius or The Books, Setec (the moniker of Sydney-based solo artist Joshua Gibbs) is a musical attempt to blend the organic with the synthetic; to meld the fleeting flickers of the past with nostalgia for a future that is yet to pass.

Setec first came to our attention via the amazing I’ll Be Good EP released in 2012. Since then Joshua has been chipping away at a follow-up, exploring the depths of his distinctive sonic universe.
On his debut full-length, Brittle As Bones, Setec combines found-sound percussion with looped acoustic instruments, long-forgotten samples and cascading vocal layers to create a unique and compelling album.

Lead single Water or Concrete embodies Setec’s sound, awash with plucked strings, delicate rhythms and beautifully fragile vocals. A dusty vocal sample is then seamlessly incorporated into the mix, perfectly complimenting the rustic musical palette. This meticulously chosen sample is then joined by Gibbs’ own vocal layers to become the centrepiece of the song; a recurring theme throughout the album and an intriguing element in Gibbs oeuvre.

From the washed-out dream sequence of opener Haunted to the anthemic indie sing-along of Lumen Lake, to the fuzzy shoegaze textures of Cannonball, each track is underpinned by an absorbing acoustic warmth that Gibbs will no doubt become synonymous with.

Brittle As Bones is a joyous, intimate affair; brief yet fulfilling, honest and heartfelt.


“one of the most accomplished and assured releases this reviewer has heard for some time…4.5/5 stars”

“Setec’s debut Brittle As Bones realises Joshua’s full potential, full of creative arrangements, close-mic’d production and most importantly really, really good songs….this is a stellar debut”

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