FM69 | VARIOUS – 10 (A Decade of Feral Media)

RELEASED: November 2012



1. 0.1 – Softism [listen]
2. Faux Pas – LIKE U [listen]
3. Comatone – Lamplit Screenprint
4. Underlapper – Stockholm
5. Pimmon – Found a Feather
6. Thomas William – Catchments
7. Gentleforce – You Hold My Hand Through the Gate
8. AFXJIM – Jane Jane
9. School of Two – Seagulls
10. Scissor Lock – Alaska
11. Brad Stafford – Dreamer of Dreams
12. Faux Pas – Live Shine See (Cleptoclectics remix)
13. Alpen – Last Frontier of Ink and Paper (Comatone remix)
14. Plankton – Tension (The Alpen Reconstruction)
15. Haunts – Viceroy (Telafonica cover)
16. Because of Ghosts – Fall Short of Certainty (David Evans remix)
17. Raven – Headache Music
18. Seaworthy – Shedding
19. Gentleforce – Lift Up Your Weary Head (Underlapper remix)
20. Mark Barrage – Tha Raven
21. Anonymeye – Holidaying
22. ii – Gentle Hum of Well Mannered Conversation
23. Broken Chip – Catching Light


For more than 10 years Feral Media has been finding, supporting and helping musicians from every style of contemporary music release and present their work to Australian and international audiences.

With an emphasis on independent, experimental and cutting edge music, but not restricted by genre, Feral Media has also created a musical family among the bands and artists involved in more than 60 releases.

These ground-breaking releases have spread Feral Media’s collaborations across the globe, and through a heady mix of love, determination, and sheer hard work we have all been a part of moving music forward in an intelligent way.

We have backed dozens of releases that would never have seen the light of day without our support, and we have been responsible for some of the most exciting music that has come out of Australia during the past decade, regardless of its popular appeal or its commercial potential.

To mark our 10 year milestone we decided to release a compilation that celebrates our music and vision and includes contributions from Feral Media artists and friends who have been pivotal throughout our history.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the wonderful artists who have helped make this release the outstanding piece of history that it is; And we would also like to thank all of our fans who have supported us over the years.

Here’s to many more years of great music!

“Danny & Caroline welcomed Harry and I with open arms into their Feral Media home in 2007. The figurative and the physical space. It was a welcoming and an inspiration to make some moody electronic pop and we felt right at home instantly. It has been a pleasure to be part of the FM family. I never want to grow up”
– Jason Sweeney (School of Two)

“I’ve been in and out and around the Feral Media orbit for a while now, probably most of the time I’ve been making music as Anonymeye. I became aware of Feral Media originally through Mark Barrage, who was in the process of preparing tracks that became the Hero Or Dirt?
album. Through this, and liking a lot of other acts on the label, eventually got in contact with Danny – who has always proven to be a lovely guy with a great ear for music. I’ve played a couple of FM related events, including a set in Sydney, weirdly enough during APEC 2007, which was both my first Sydney show, and the first of a few shows I played with Alex and Jon of ii as a “backing band”. As I recall, a fold back wedge started smoking at one point, but aside from that it was a great night. Having the opportunity to recontextualise songs from Underlapper and afxjim for FM compilations has been incredibly enjoyable, and likewise having my tracks reworked for Strain of Origin also has been an honour. I’ve met a lot of great people and heard a lot of wonderful music through Feral Media – here’s to more years to come!”

– Andrew Tuttle (Anonymeye)


Compiled and Curated by Greg Stone & Danny Jumpertz
Mastered by G L Seiler
Artwork by Katja Hartung


“…underlines the strength of the underground scene from Down Under”
– A Closer Listen

“…an essential purchase no matter your familiarity with one of the most interesting Australian labels in recent times”
– Cyclic Defrost

“This is experimental at its essence. Each artist and group is ambitious and the work has purpose”
– The AU Review

Album of the Week
– FBi Radio

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