FM04 | PLANKTON The Undertone

RELEASED: September 2003



1. Hurricane Annie 4:25
2. The Island Of The Day Before 6:15
3. Where The Sea Meets The Sky 8:12
4. Clouds Condensing 3:57
5. Tension In The Line 2:48
6. Fascinated Mouse 9:29
7. Tsunami 1:36
8. 7am Start 2:57
9. Mist Unit 4:30
10. June 13    5:34
11. There Is More Than One Way 6:11
12. Distant Light 4:01
13. Sad Clone Battle 5:09

CD Total: 1:05:04


Leigh Hegg – drums
Danny Jumpertz – sampler, loops, synth, piano, electric guitar, e bow guitar
Angus McCready – electric and double bass guitar, bass synth
James Tucker – electric and acoustic guitar, bass guitar, e bow guitar, piano

Other performer credits:
Julius Hofstetter – sax (Sad Clone Battle)


SBS Studios Southbank, Melbourne, Vic. 5-6 January 2003 (Track 3,10,11)
Arthurs Seat, Vic. 13-15 January 2003 (Tracxk 1,4,6)
Bakehouse Rehearsal Studio, Richmond, Vic. 18 April, 24-26 July, 6 August 2001 (Track 5,7,13)

Produced and mixed by Danny Jumpertz at Feral Media, Sydney, Australia.
Recording assisted by Jason Buchanan (tracks 2,9)
Recording assisted by Dave Ashton (tracks 3,10,11)
Mastered by G.L.Seiler at Soundview Studios

Other liner notes:
All compositions: Plankton except *Sad Clone Battle (Hegg, Jumpertz, McCready, Tucker and Hofstetter)
Permission to reproduce the excerpt in track 3 from the Triple J Morning Show kindly
granted by David Suzuki and the ABC.

Album artwork:
Katja Hartung, Sopp Collective.

“Every being with life comes to the surface and again returns whence it came, as each note has its return to the ocean of sound. The undertone of this existence is the loudest and the softest, the highest and the lowest; it overwhelms all instruments soft or loud, high or low tone, until all gradually merge in it; this undertone always is, and always will be.”
Sufi Hazrat Inayat Khan from The Mysticism Of Music, Sound and Word


“The Undertone is smart; a record where atmosphere and space mix with insouciant melody, where Jumpertz’ sound processing successfully walks the tightrope that divides self-indulgence and smart programming, where the fusion of analog and digital sound is successful and attractive. Where the hell did something this good come from?” Forte Magazine, Nov 2003

“The Undertone mixes electronics and live instrumentation into an intensely
beautiful and at times unsettling collage.”

Lawrence English, Time Off, Nov 2003

“An incredibly graceful sweep from ‘real’ to electronic instruments (synths that are never synthetic, guitars that sound like whalesong) and an astoundingly layered production by Danny Jumpertz serves as a reminder of what is possible both musically and beneath the surface of all things. Importantly, it doesn’t suffer from the lack of passion or inaccessibility that can characterise a lot of these kinds of clever-trouser bands. A very courageous and impressive debut.
4.5 out of 5. Jennifer Mills, The Brag, Issue 29, Nov 3, 2003

“It’s a beautiful record”
Fenella Kernebone, Triple J, Soundlab

“Plankton is a very mature approach to the use of tech…sort of like a more modern Necks.” Tim Ritchie, Sound Quality, ABC Radio National


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