Underlapper are a six piece outfit from Sydney whose music incorporates elements of post-rock, experimental pop and downbeat electronica.

Underlapper’s debut album What Came Forth From The Sea released in 2005 drew influence from the leftfield hip-hop of labels such as Anticon, Mush and Def Jux and combined it with an instrumental palette that has since become a trademark of the band’s sound. In 2007 they released their highly acclaimed second album Red Spring which saw the band move away from the hip-hop influence of their debut and focus more on song-based structures and vocal melody. This change in sound gave the band the opportunity to refine their live performance playing shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra and supporting high profile artists such as Bill Callahan, My Disco and Ben Frost. After a brief hiatus Underlapper completed their third album Softly Harboured in late 2010. The new material retains the bands penchant for fusing eclectic and seemingly disparate styles, yet despite this the album is by far their most cohesive and accessible work to date.  

Softly Harboured is available in limited edition vinyl with five alternate sleeve designs created by members of the SOPP Collective, Eli Murray (aka Gentleforce) and freelance artist Dan Fiore.

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