Touch Typist

Touch Typist are a Melbourne-based band that play levitating space-race instrumentals and flying car freak-outs with lyrics about alternate realities and the beauty of household objects. You Cannot Kiss A Laughing Mouth was released as part of Feral’s POWWOW series in December 2007 and went onto receive significant airplay on RRR, FBi, PBS, JJJ and was featured on the ABC’s arts show. 

The band is made up of Nick Huggins (guitar/vocals), Mark Gretton (drums) and Tig Huggins (electronics). Described as pop-noise and in the same breath as Broadcast and Battles, their influences include Delta blues, Detroit techno, Hendrix, Dirty Three and the Warp Records back catalogue. Live, they channel these influences and create something all their own, a sound that can whisper melodic sweetness before launching into nuanced electro-acoustic assaults.

They are currently working on a debut full-length album to be released via Melbourne label Two Bright Lakes.

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