The Emergency

The Emergency was born in December 2001 when Milo Kossowski heard that the Bus Gallery in Melbourne was putting on a one-night electronic music festival. He cooked up the name just minutes before the festival’s flyer went to press. Later Daniel Miller and Morgan McWaters joined Milo and Daina Fanning to complete the line-up.
The Emergency create lo-fi high voltage electro rock and roll, with a horror movie twist. They combine disco beats, shimmering synths and dubbed out vocal effects to weave a web of heavy cosmic pop that avoids sounding quotational or disposable.
The group were involved in the SBS Whatever Sessions project which led to the recording of their first single We Got The Horror and their subsequent debut full-length The Spectrum Deadly.
The group now consists of core members Milo Kossowski and Morgan McWaters who have gone onto record a number of releases through various labels.

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