Software of Seagulls

software-of-seagulls artist pic

Software of Seagulls creates expansive electronic music from tape offcuts, improvisations and found sounds. It is the alter ego of Chris Perren, an Australian composer and video artist who also fronts the math-rock band Mr. Maps, and the indie chamber group Nonsemble.

The project began as a kind of experiment into sonic media, whilst Perren was undertaking a PhD in music composition. The compositions carry the residue of their medium – tape, vinyl, VHS, digital – the physical idiosyncrasies are foregrounded in the final product.

The debut album, Sunrise Industry is a highly unified record, with each track exploring the same sound world in a unique way. The sophistication of the compositions befits Perren’s high level of formal training, without losing the childlike fascination and joyful curiosity of sonic exploration.

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