School Of Two

In early 2006, Harry Whizkid found Jason Sweeney on one of those ubiquitous Myspace pages. The question was asked: do you like to collaborate? And the answer, of course, was yes. So the two boys got together in Jason’s inner west warehouse studio in Adelaide and began a kind of duet of sorts: Harry on piano, Jason on vocals. Soon the drum machines, synths, samplers and guitars came out and a handful of songs were written very quickly and the two knew that there was something special to pursue – and indeed, a School of Two began.
Jason has been making music in various forms and bands since about 1990. His most sustained outfit is the electronic duo, Pretty Boy Crossover (Sensory Projects). Jason makes music for film, theatre and dance companies and was also involved in the one-off collaboration with Vincent Giarrusso (ex Underground Lovers) entitled Mist & Sea (Popfrenzy Records).
Harry had moved to Adelaide from Bundaberg where he’d been playing in a few hardcore bands. He is also part of the pop duo, Radio Spectacular!!! Not only did he start School of Two with Jason, the two of them also went on to make the award-winning experimental short film, Disappointment, which has screened internationally.
School of Two write catchy, edgy and some-times melancholy pop music using a combination of electronics and acoustic sounds and samples.
Their debut release was Volume One in Feral Media’s POWWOW Series.

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