Nimble Animal


Nimble Animal was created in early 2011 as a way for Dominic Stephens to experiment with live looping, solo performance and other alternative methods of recording and playing live. After playing a few shows in early 2011 the project was pushed aside so Dom could focus on other projects he was involved in.
Nimble Animal was resurrected in 2012 with the release of his Debut album Dumb Dirge via Melbourne label Fallopian Tunes. With sounds growing in comparison to more synth based bedroom artists such as Jürgen Müller, Sun Araw, Tangerine Dream & Peaking Lights, the album featured new experimentation within Dom’s recording process including tape machine processing and manipulation, circuit bending, analogue drum machines and intentionally distorted instruments.

After appearing on Strain of Origin II under his Outerwaves guise Dom approached Feral Media to release his second EP, Bleak Moments. The EP was released in September and saw Dom continuing the rich sonic experiments of his debut, which are now underpinned by an indie-pop sensibility making for a more immediate and personal release.
The early electronic influences are still present, counter balanced by experimental pop ventures, all of which are swathed in Dom’s warmly inviting production.


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