Alister Hill created his Lortica alias as a reprieve from his experiences performing in bands: previously as a member of the now defunct Sooners and currently Low Lux. His debut release, SAD LTD EP, is based on the sampling and re-sampling of found cassettes and guitar loops through an array of pedals, processors, his prized collection of vintage cassette recorders and trusty Tascam 424. As Lortica, Hill records according to a series of pre-determined rules that allow him to enter a semi-meditative state. The atmospheres he creates reflect this immersive calmness but are simultaneously tinged with a subtle sense of loss and psychological distress.

He counts amongst his enduring influences Grouper, William Basinski, slow-core band Low and the seminal glitch artist Oval as well as fellow Sydney-based producers Thomas William, Timothy Dwyer, Marcus Whale, Lavurn Lee and Ivan Vizintin.

Recording credits include recording and production for emerging ambient artist Corin and guitar/keyboards as part of Sooners and Low Lux.

Lortica will release his debut full-length Mialle Tapes via Feral Media in November 2014.

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