Hinterlandt is a Sydney-based solo act playing expansive compositions encompassing raw energy, beautiful harmonies, complex rhythms, fragile ambience, alarming noise, and silence. Using a number of instruments, this German-Australian one-man band sends the listener on a journey through a wide range of musical and aesthetic styles.

Since its foundation in 2002, Hinterlandt has taken on a variety of formats, performing in places such as Helsinki, Sydney, London, Bangkok, Cologne, Rome, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Berlin, and many other cities.

2011 saw the release of the eleventh Hinterlandt album Migration Motion Movement on Tenzenmen and Bird’s Robe Records.
As a compendium to the latest album Feral Media released a compilation of reworks entitled Through The Motions. For Through The Motions, eight Australian artists were asked to create entirely new tracks based on a handful of tiny snippets of sounds taken from the original Hinterlandt track Motion. The resulting album not only compliments the original but stands firm as a fully formed release all of its own.
The artists involved in the project are Seaworthy, Broken Chip, Lawrence English, Telafonica, Godswounds, Simo Soo, AFXJIM, and Puzahki.

Artist Links
Hinterlandt Website
Hinterlandt Facebook Page
Hinterlandt on Soundcloud

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