David Eliott Incigneri

David Eliott Incigneri is a solo artist and producer from Melbourne whose influences include Frank Zappa, The Beach Boys, Yes, Pink Floyd, Brian Eno and the Flaming Lips. David creates music that makes you think. It’s indie-sounding psychedelia; colourful, insightful, unique and honest.
David began learning the trumpet as an early teen but quickly progressed to the bass, guitar and piano.
“I like my music (and all music) to be described as a foreign language,” he says “No, actually it is an art. More importantly my music should be seen as well as heard. Smelt as well as tasted. Can you physically hold my music? No, but it can be used as hold music.”
His debut album I Sat On The Corner Of A Page Of the Novel Of My Mind was released by Feral Media in 2004.

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