May the (Gentle)force be with you

We’re proud to announce an outstanding new artist to the Feral Media roster, Eli Murray aka Gentleforce. Eli has been a familiar face around the Sydney music scene for a few years now – working by day at the Inertia warehouse and plotting inspired instrumental electronica by night. His debut album, titled Sacred Spaces was many years in the making, and is being released as part of the POWWOW new music series.

You can purchase a download and physical copy of the album direct from us right here for only $12 Australian.

Download: Learning To Forgive

Reviews: Reviews are trickling in now. So far the critics are loving the album.

“I’ve been digging this album so much lately that I’d actually forgotten that I’d not posted about it yet.Gentleforce’s Sacred Space is the latest edition in Feral Media’s excellent POWWOW series. It’s also one of my favourite albums of the year, pulling together all sorts of ambient-leaning electronics into a dense, glacial listening experience.”
Australian music blog Who The Hellfull review

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