FM100 | SETEC Atrial Flutters (or Raise Yr Hand If Yr Afraid)



TITLE: Atrial Flutters (or Raise Yr Hand If Yr Afraid)


RELEASED: March 23, 2018 Available from the Feral Media Bandcamp store and all other streaming and download services.


1. Wasted, Parted
2. To Hide In
3. Cotton Bones
4. First Flutter (interlude)
5. Loose Leaves
6. Bethesda Fountain
7. Chemical Two
8. Across The Break
9. Vices
10. In Sawdust
11. Tying Tourniquets
12. Number Three Cassette
13. Last Season
14. Forewarner


Setec (Josh Gibbs) sophomore effort, Atrial Flutters (Or Raise Yr Hand If Yr Afraid), finds an artist poised for great things. Continuing to explore
his unique artistic vision, ‘Atrial Flutters’ is Setec’s most assured statement to date. The result is sonically rich and expertly considered, yet it has come
from a dark and disorienting place.

Setec (pronounced see-tek) has talked openly about his struggles with anxiety and depression, which the album “is both in spite of and indebted to”.
“I remember sitting in a crowded food court with my vision swirling, and my heart fluttering in my chest faster than I knew it could go. That feeling of
dissonance; disoriented and overwhelmed: I wanted to translate this into my music. That’s this record.”

Setec describes Atrial Flutters as “something that truly feels like an extension of myself; good and bad, neuroses and joy, anxiety and depression.
Going into it I knew exactly the textural palette I would be working with: lots of loose, wavy strings and rumbling basses. Samples less intricately placed
and more hammered into order. The feeling of taking water off the heat just before it boils.”

Utilising found-sound percussion alongside looped acoustic instruments, crackling samples and cascading layers of his own voice, this is modern
music sprinkled with fleeting flickers of the past. Atrial Flutters (Or Raise Yr Hand If Yr Afraid) is Setec turning nervous energy into a dazzling emotional statement, and inviting you to do the same.